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A Client Story:

A Budget Savings Surprise

Integrity Staffing & Solutions 

A client called Integrity Staffing & Solutions expecting to use the same traditional temporary-to-hire program she had used in the past.  Her therapy practice needed to hire a part-time receptionist.  The client knew it would take a bite out of the budget, but her time was limited.  Besides, how would she ever find qualified applicants on her own?

The client was happily surprised when she learned about Integrity’s Recruiting Partner Plus Program.  She picked a level of service that was right for her and her business colleague.  By having Integrity simply advertise the position and immediately forward the resumes of qualified applicants, their small office would pay a fraction of the cost they were anticipating!

The client’s feedback:

“Having Michelle at Integrity write the job posting and post the job on our behalf sped up the hiring process and gave us a bigger pool of qualified applicants than we would have gotten on our own.  It was a big help for us that she reviewed the resumes and forwarded resumes of the qualified applicants.  We were able to fill our open position more quickly than I had anticipated, and it was affordable!”