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A Client Story:

A Resignation.  Darn!

Integrity Staffing & Solutions

The Problem

The CEO on the other end of the phone sounded stressed.  A year ago her organization hired a new HR Director.  The individual had just turned in a resignation saying the job didn’t quite fit.  Darn! There turned out to be more tactical work and less strategic work than originally anticipated.

The CEO wanted to buy breathing room to “rethink” the position, yet, their open positions throughout the organization could not be put on hold.  At the same time, she knew it would be helpful to have an outside set of eyes review their HR processes and procedures.  She asked, “What can Integrity do to help?

The Solution

An Integrity Staffing & Solutions Consultant sat down with the CEO and COO to discuss their concerns and explore the possibilities.  After visiting, the senior leaders decided their very best short-term strategy was to hire the Integrity team to fill in the gap. Integrity’s presence would give them the necessary breathing room until a new HR professional could be brought up to speed in their organization.  At the same time, Integrity would review their HR processes and procedures to be sure everything was ship shape.