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A Client Story:

Bilingual Employees, Please!

Integrity Staffing & Solutions

The launch of a new national program created an immediate demand for additional administrative support in the client’s organization.  Individuals were needed on a temporary basis who could communicate complex information effectively over the phone and in person, be computer literate with strong data entry skills, and be able to successfully complete a certification program.  And, oh yes… the individuals must be bilingual in Spanish and English.

The organization called upon integrity Staffing & Solutions to help find applicants who met these specific qualifications. By bringing in Integrity’s outsourced services they were able to focus on the other implications of the launch of this new national program in other areas of their organization.

Integrity responded quickly to fill the five bilingual positions.  The temporary employees successfully completed their certification training and contributed to the successful launch of the new program.  An additional positive result is that several were even hired into regular roles within the company at the conclusion of the project.