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A Client Story:

Employee Relations Investigation Needed

 Integrity Staffing & Solutions

The phone rang late one afternoon.  It was the President of a client company who was traveling on business and would be out of the office for several more days.  He had been contacted by one of his direct reports who had received a complaint from one of her employees about another.  The President felt the issue was serious enough that he did not want it to go unaddressed until he returned.  Could Integrity help?

A representative of Integrity immediately contacted the employees involved, plus two witnesses to the incident, to schedule face-to-face interviews with them for the following day.  After the interviews were completed, she documented the conversations with the employees and the witnesses. Recommendations were then developed for dealing with the behavior of the employee against whom the complaint was filed.

The President received an unexpected recommendation.  The direct report had made mistakes in how she responded to the situation, revealing a lack of employee relations skills.  Coaching and/or management training was recommended to improve her performance and give her the tools to manage this type of situation in the future.

The President was relieved that there was an immediate response to his concern. Integrity was able to quickly respond, investigate the situation, and provide meaningful recommendations.