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A Client Story:

Help!  I’m Overwhelmed!

Integrity Staffing & Solutions

The Executive Director experienced little staff turnover in her non-profit.  When it came time to upgrade a position and hire a new person for her growing organization, the task felt monumental.  She felt over-whelmed by the rigors of running the non-profit on a daily basis, plus now, the added task of recruiting and hiring a new employee.  She wasn’t sure where to post the position, what to say in a job posting, or the right questions to ask candidates in interviews.

Our Staffing Specialist, Michelle, immediately helped our client to lower her stress level by placing an experienced temporary employee, who had run her own business, to help bridge the gap.  This gave our client much needed breathing room.

The remaining stress surrounding the hiring process was alleviated when Michelle assumed the tasks of posting the position, screening applicants and recommending qualified applicants for the executive director to interview.  All the while the temporary employee Michelle placed was doing a fantastic job, but said she did not originally think she would apply for the position.

An Excellent Applicant Pool

The Executive Director felt she had a pool of well qualified candidates to consider when the temporary employee had a change of heart and decided to apply for the position.  The Executive Director hired her in a heartbeat.  The Executive Director told us how much she appreciated Michelle’s efforts and the excellent pool of candidates that were available for consideration.  In the end, the Executive Director found she had peace of mind in knowing she had selected the best possible candidate for her growing organization.