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A Client Story:

Help! My Small Office Needs to Hire!

 Integrity Staffing & Solutions

Anxiety spikes when a small office is down one person and needs to hire someone new.  This was the case with a client organization that employs 2-3 people.  I heard the concern in the client’s voice when he phoned.  Making the right hire was important, but he also could not afford to pay “an arm and a leg” for assistance in hiring.   I told him I had a solution for him, then described the Integrity Recruiting Partner Plus Program that was created to help organizations like his.  I explained that it was created with three levels of service to pick from.  Our client asked several questions to be sure he understood how the program works.  He loved the idea of a Recruiting Partner and selected the level of service that was right for him.

Two weeks later our client called me with a different dilemma.  He and his co-worker had interviewed three qualified candidates Integrity recruited and screened for their company.  They equally liked all three and were challenged to make a selection!  After careful deliberation, and thanks to a consult with the Integrity staff, a candidate was selected and their small office was fully staffed again.  The Recruiting Partner Program met their need.  Best of all, it surpassed their expectations and worked with their budget.