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A Client Story:

Spaghetti is Falling Off the Plate!

Integrity Staffing & Solutions 

The phone rang. The client was facing an immediate business challenge and felt overwhelmed.  They had lost a key member of their Human Resources staff just as recruiting activity was ramping up to a new organizational high.  The client would be opening several new locations soon and needed to hire staff for these sites.  Oh, and by the way, they were in the process of implementing a new applicant tracking system. It was as though spaghetti was falling off of the plate. Can Integrity Staffing & Solutions help? Integrity staff immediately met with the client the next day to discuss their needs and learn more about their systems and challenges.

As a result, Integrity now partners with the client behind the scenes by: screening and forwarding candidates to the client’s hiring managers, conducting phone screens, making job offers, conducting reference checks and employment verification, and sending out offer letters to new hires.  The client is thrilled! Integrity’s support has allowed the client to focus internal resources on the applicant tracking project and still meet the organization’s recruitment needs.  In addition, Integrity has developed new phone screens and reference checks allowing the client to gather more position-specific information with which to evaluate candidates and also participated in testing the applicant tracking system.

What are your organization’s unique HR challenges?  Perhaps we can help.