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A Client Story:

Training with a Bonus!

Integrity Staffing & Solutions

The training session for a health services organization ended with great enthusiasm from the two managers in attendance!  One of the trainees, an experienced front-line manager, realized she did not have the whole picture when it came to HR legislation and compliance.   The other, an administrator who had moved up in the organization, lacked any formal compliance training along the way.

Both managers listened attentively to the Integrity Staffing & Solutions consultant during the training session and asked excellent questions.  They appreciated the clear distinctions the Integrity team made between legislation that did and did not apply to their organization. The information shared was exactly what both managers needed to increase their competence and confidence.

In addition to feeling empowered by their newly acquired HR knowledge, the managers expressed gratitude because they now have a resource if they run up against more difficult employee relations issues.  They no longer need to go it alone.  What a bonus!