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Confidence is Key in the Interview

By: Ann Kelleher, President and Founder

Portraying confidence and a positive attitude are challenging when you are between jobs and receiving rejections. Yet, attitude is a strong predictor of outcome. Confidence can be built through advance preparation and focus. Follow these helpful steps as you prepare to put your best self forward.

Deal with Anger

Be honest with yourself. Are you angry with your past employer or that you are without a job? If you are, this will show through in the interview. It is all right to feel angry, but do not remain stuck there. Identify your anger and process it in a positive way. Don’t bottle up ill feelings or deny them. Instead, find a safe person with whom you can discuss and process your feelings in order for you to move on with a positive and hopeful outlook. Some people who may be willing to help you include family, friends, a spiritual advisor or a counselor. Select someone trustworthy that you can rely on to be honest and have your best interest at heart.

Be Ready to Articulate Career Goals

Job seekers often are reluctant to be too specific about their career objectives for fear of being passed over for job opportunities. Quite the opposite is true. The more clearly you describe your strengths, weaknesses, passions and establish a sense of direction for yourself, the more confident you will appear. Take time to inventory your strengths, areas for improvement, passions and past career achievements. Then, determine the kinds of opportunities that will excite you in your next position. Practice talking aloud about all of these topics in preparation of networking opportunities and interviews. Have someone conduct a mock interview with you and give you feedback. You might even consider making a video of the mock interview and critiquing yourself.

Share Why You Want the Position

Take time to research the company and position in advance of the interview. Several obvious sources of information are web sites, social networking sites and people you know who work there or know someone who works there. Assuming you determine the organization and the position could truly be a great fit, prepare to convey this confidently in the interview. You can take the initiative to share how the values of the company match your own values, how past accomplishments prepare you to be an asset to their organization and the enthusiasm you have about contributing to the future success of the company. It may be that you have decided to move into a new industry and this provides a good opportunity to make the transition.