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Take a Proactive Approach

to Temporary Staffing

By: Ann Kelleher, President & Owner

Integrity Staffing & Solutions

Do you find the experience of taking on a new temporary assignment to be daunting or exhilarating? A certain amount of self-confidence is required to enter an unfamiliar workplace with unfamiliar people.  There are tasks to learn as quickly as possible, plus, there are the expectations your new supervisor has of you and your work performance.

Keep in mind, some companies may have little experience working with a temporary employee.  For this reason, your new supervisor might not have anticipated everything you will need in order to do your job and to feel comfortable.  It is important that you be prepared to be proactive.

Five Tips to Help You

Here are five tips that will help you gain a positive start on any new assignment and will help you to perform like the stellar professional you truly are:

  • Be ready to meet your new supervisor and co-workers by putting them at ease.  Smile and extend your hand as you meet them.   Repeat their first name back to them.  Nothing is sweeter to an individual than the sound of his or her own name.  Write down names and make word associations that will help you remember their names.
  • Assess your work area for the physical needs and tools that will help you accomplish your job and make you comfortable.  Ask the location of key places like the restrooms, copy room, etc.  Look to see if you need any additional items at your desk.
  • Actively listen and take notes when you are given instructions about your duties.  If there is a gap in any information you are given, or if anything seems unclear, ask questions until you have clarity.  Then, repeat the instruction back to the person to confirm your full comprehension.
  • Confirm who the go-to people are that are related to the responsibilities you have been given, and who you can go to during the day for answers to your questions.
  • Approach your supervisor or trainer for feedback about the completeness and accuracy of your work when you have completed a specific task.  Ask if there is anything they would like for you do differently. Let the person know that you welcome constructive feedback.

Incorporating these proactive steps is easy and will pay dividends toward assuring that your work experience is positive for both you and the people you are serving.  And, who knows, you might even receive a job offer to join the company!