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Three Ways to Shine on the Job!

By: Ann Kelleher, President and Founder

Are you a newbie in your new position, a veteran who has been there for a while, or are you between jobs?  Whatever your circumstances, the following are three excellent communication habits you can adopt to insure you are a shining star in your current position or in the next position on your career ladder.

Prioritize Your Work

Ask for a deadline for tasks that need to be completed.  In almost every instance, the timing of your work will have an impact on the effectiveness of your supervisor and your teammates.  Make sure you know the details of what is expected of you and the desired date for your work to be completed.   Prioritize your work time accordingly.  Plan how you can complete tasks ahead of schedule so you are not down to the wire and hurriedly completing your work at the last minute.  Do all you can to assure you are producing quality work and that you won’t be thwarted by something unexpected that causes you to miss the deadline altogether.

Signal When You are Feeling Overwhelmed

Program yourself to recognize when there is too much on your work plate at one time, if you are unsure of the next step to take in carrying out an assignment, or you have run into an unexpected obstacle.  Give yourself permission to signal when you need assistance from your supervisor in prioritizing tasks or figuring out how to overcome a challenge of some kind.  Don’t be afraid to speak up.  Asking for help is a show of strength and maturity rather than weakness.  Your supervisor most likely will respect your forthrightness and be happy to help you get out of the weeds.  Should you have a good reason not to approach your supervisor, seek out someone else that you feel comfortable with and ask for their assistance.

Keep Others Informed of Your Progress

Be aware of how the tasks you are responsible for relate to the needs of your supervisor, co-workers and/or customers.  Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they would like to know from you at different points along the way.  Don’t keep people wondering about the progress you are making toward something that is important to them.   Keep them well informed, even if it is to say that something you are working on will be delayed or you have disappointing news to share.  We all like to feel that we are top of mind with the people who we are depending upon.  This is how trust is built and how you will earn the reputation of being an “A” player.


The bottom line to these three guidelines is COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE and communicate with consistency.  Excellent communication skills are the trademark of a stellar employee.