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A Solution to Your Recruitment Challenges

Integrity Staffing & Solutions

On March 27, 2015, the Nebraska Department of Labor announced that the seasonally adjusted preliminary unemployment rate for February 2015 fell to 2.7%.  An unemployment rate like this can strike fear in the hearts of organizations across the state who need to fill vacant positions.  However, this is only one of the reasons organizations may want to consider behind-the-scenes recruiting support.

Challenges Behind-the-Scenes Recruiting Support Can Help You Overcome

  • You may be facing stiff competition for talent because of a lack of available workers with the skill set your company requires.  Outsourcing elements of the recruitment and hiring process (like posting, screening, reference checking, etc.) can take labor intensive activities off your staff’s plate, allowing them to focus on activities that add more value, like building your employment brand, building relationships with referral resources, and onboarding new hires effectively.
  • Your organization may have landed new business that will require you to quickly ramp up your staff to meet the increased work load.  Utilizing additional recruitment support on a temporary basis can be an effective way for your organization to meet this demand without adding to your Human Resources headcount.
  • You may not have a dedicated human resources person on staff.  As the talent pool shrinks and recruitment takes more time, you may want to consider outsourcing the recruiting function for some or all of your organization’s positions.  Enlisting outside recruitment and hiring expertise can be much more cost effective than hiring an individual with the necessary know-how.
  • Your company may be faced with an unexpected leave of absence or turnover in your Human Resources department.   Companies typically cannot afford to hold off hiring until the HR employee returns to work or the position is filled.  Outsourcing the hiring activities to meet a short-term need is an easy solution.

Integrity Staffing & Solutions has created its Recruiting Partner and Recruiting PartnerPlus Programs to offer companies both short- and long-term, behind-the-scenes recruitment and hiring support.  We are able to recruit/hire for just one open position or all of your open positions and anything in between.  We are able to craft a solution that meets your organization’s needs while allowing you access to extensive recruitment and human resources expertise at an affordable rate.

If your organization is facing its own recruiting challenges, give us a call.  We’d be happy to discuss your needs with you and craft an appropriate solution.