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By Ann Kelleher, President & Founder

Integrity Staffing & Solutions

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your small company has an immediate opening.  In your company, every employee is a key player. Ideally, you would have filled the position yesterday if you had the right candidate.  You do not have a ready candidate pool to draw from so you must do some sourcing as quickly as possible.

When in a similar situation as the one described above, there are two categories your sourcing will fall into.  One is Internal Resources and the other one is External Resources.

Internal Resources

  • Existing employees are an obvious place to look. Is there someone you can quickly develop into the position through some intensive in-house training, or with the help of an outside educational/skills training program?
  • Retired employees generally walk out of the door with a lifetime of knowledge and key relationships they built with customers and co-workers. Would a qualified retired employee be interested in coming back to work for you on a part-time or full-time basis?
  • Temporary or casual employees that are working for your company, or who recently helped you out, are another viable source. They have familiarity with your company and you have first-hand knowledge of their skills, abilities, and character.
  • Family members of disabled, deceased, retired or current employees are another source. You may be acquainted with the individual already and perceive he or she could be someone who would fit well into your company culture.

External Resources

  • Employees’ networks are filled with friends and acquaintances they can help you reach. Use word of mouth and share an updated job description with employees to enlist their help. You could offer a bonus if they are able to help you successfully fill the position.
  • Social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn automatically further your reach and the reach of your employees.
  • Job boards that you pay to access for a week or a month, as well as free job boards, allow you to reach a large number of people. You can post your position and review information about candidates who posted their resumes online.
  • Universities and colleges have career centers and alumni offices that will connect you with interns, new graduates, and experienced alumni. Their services are generally free of charge.
  • Trade and professional association websites usually have a job posting section. There might be a small fee, or the posting could be free if you are a member of the association.
  • Staffing/Contract companies have a pool of pre-qualified candidates and can be a viable resource when you are able to pay a fee.
  • Classified newspaper ads continue to be a resource.

These methods are a good start, and you may be able to creatively identify other resources.  No matter which avenues you pursue, remember, the way you interact with candidates will become a part of your brand.  Be kind and courteous, and keep candidates informed of where they stand in the hiring process.