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Blueprint for Sound Decision Making

By Tom McClung

May 2011

Most of us want to part of a well run organization. Yet, there are times when managers overlook some key elements that are necessary for optimizing their operation. When this occurs, it can also impact employee retention. Therefore, making sound decisions is important for an organization to be successful.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to undermining sound decision-making.  One example is having a survivor mode mentality which represents a “no risk” approach to managing an organization. This management approach is characterized by failing to think outside the box, making decisions that have a short-term versus strategic focus, and not keeping abreast of changes in the marketplace. Failure to seek input from employees can also undermine the decision-making process. It is important to get input from those on the “front lines” so decisions reflect concerted efforts to build on the strengths of an organization as well as address known client concerns. Finally, if members of the management team do not have good decision-making skills it can result in both poor morale as well as making bad decisions.

Developing clearly defined processes is necessary to ensure that pertinent data are available when making decisions. In addition, there is a need to have a clearly defined planning process so the management team can look at the organization’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives when making decisions. Pertinent training and management coaching may be helpful so decision makers are better prepared to make sound decisions. A good measurement system will help the management team assess the appropriateness of decisions.

I am interested in getting your feedback on sound decision making. Please give me a call at 402-558-2072 if you would like to get together and discuss this important topic further. I can also be reached at if you would like to dialog via email. I value your input.