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Retention Is About The Whole Person

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You are not alone in thinking your greatest concern is retaining your company’s good employees.    Fifty-nine (59%) of Human Resource professionals surveyed in 2015 by the Society of Human Resource Professionals (SHRM) said retaining and compensating good employees will be their biggest challenge over the next 10 years. 

We all agree that receiving a fair wage is important to employees. Operators of small businesses continually worry about how they can compete in the salary arena.  Yet, isn’t there more to compensating employees than what you pay them in dollars and cents or provide to them in the way of benefits?

Understanding the human side of your employees and acting on that knowledge will go a long way toward keeping your employees happy.  Research consistently tells us that today’s employees want to be thought of as whole persons, not workplace robots.  What it means to be a whole person can be easily summed as:   (1) having a healthy work/life balance, (2) believing that what I am doing at work is making a difference, and (3) knowing that I have friends at work who care about me.

Work/Life Balance

Flexible work arrangements and the ability to make choices are important to employees.  According to SHRM research, 88% of employees say that having flexibility at work is “extremely” or “very” important.  Does your company have a culture that supports flexibility?  This means you trust your employees and give them reasonable options that address when, where, and how they work.  Flexible practices such as flextime, compressed work weeks, or telecommuting on a regular or an “ad hoc” basis, help to alleviate stress in employees who have family responsibilities, travel a longer distance, or attend school.

Now is a good time to review your company’s policies, procedures and practices to determine if they are constricting and controlling or if they have built-in flexibility to support a healthy work/life balance.

Making a Difference

Do you feel happy and energized inside when you know you are making a difference?  Your employees do, too.  A sincere “thank you” for a job well done, or for going the extra mile, is music to their ears.  Every expression of appreciation will help to fill the other person’s bucket.  Going a step further, do you encourage your employees to think outside the box and then listen to them for creative ideas?  Do you, give them recognition when their idea is implemented?

Do you celebrate wins for your company or your team?  The celebration can be something as simple as enjoying cookies and coffee together during a break or it can be something more elaborate.  The important thing is celebrating successes with everyone included.

Friends at Work

Gallup research shows that having a friend or friends a work ranks high up on the employee hierarchy of job satisfaction.  In order to develop friendships at work, people must have opportunities to interact together on a more personal level.  Celebrating successes together, as described above, is one way in which people get to know each other better and discover what they have in common.  Providing a culture of trust where conversations during the work day are a natural part of the flow in getting work done also provides the opportunity for employees to forge common bonds.

Other ideas to consider to foster relationships include treating people to a group lunch or breakfast from time to time, holding pot lucks, sponsoring a team of employees on a sports league, or taking on a volunteer project together in the community.

In Conclusion

That which matters most to your employees is not entirely measured in dollars and cents.  There are compelling reasons for employees to happily remain with an employer when they are feeling less stressed because of workplace flexibility, feeling appreciated and part of something bigger than them, and enjoying the privilege of working with people who they know sincerely care about them.