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Save $$ with an HR Audit

Integrity Staffing & Solutions

An audit of any kind can be an anxiety producing thought.  But, there are audits that can be helpful.  As a business owner, human resources can be an area of your operation that has produced seeds of doubt and worry in the back of your mind.  You’ve heard the news stories and read the articles about organizations hit by huge fines after being audited by the Department of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or other agencies.  While you may believe that your organization is too small to attract the attention of an outside entity, the doubt and worry is there.  Self-initiated audits are a great way to identify if there is a legitimate cause for concern, the magnitude of the problem, and a plan to resolve the issue.

The recommendations stemming from audits can also be helpful in positioning your organization for future growth by establishing processes and systems resulting in consistent standards.

Some key areas of your operations that you may want to consider for an HR Audit include:

  • Whether your employees are appropriately classified as exempt (salaried) or non-exempt (hourly paid) under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Whether you are appropriately verifying your employees’ eligibility to legally work in the US and completing and retaining the I-9 forms correctly
  • Whether your business is correctly calculating overtime pay owed to your non-exempt employees
  • Whether your record of applicants, interview notes, and selection criteria for open positions is complete

Consider initiating an audit using an HR expert.  It can be a cost effective means of identifying your organization’s risk, putting a plan of action in place to reduce the risk, and providing peace of mind.  Self-initiated audits are much less stressful than audits initiated by the Department of Labor, the Nebraska Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or other outside entities.

If you would like help conducting a self-initiated HR audit, please call Integrity Staffing & Solutions at 402-558-2072.  It may be the most cost effective phone call you’ve ever made.