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Are You a Techie or a Tech-less?

Technology is the Great Workplace Divider

Technology is dividing workers in your organization whether you realize it or not. Some people love technology. Others prefer to leave it at the office.

Generational Technology

Most likely, technology divides your company by age.

Younger workers – generations X and Y – are usually comfortable using all forms of technology. They use mobile devices, such as smartphones, to remotely access to their work environment. Since this group is so comfortable navigating the internet, they use social media to connect with friends and colleagues many times each day. They are considered “digital natives.”

Baby Boomers – those born from the mid 1940s to the mid 1960s – often prefer face-to-face communication in the workplace and are generally more wary about using technology. They are considered “digital immigrants.”

Combat Generational Divisions

It’s so important to create a culture where sharing technological expertise is expected and technology training is encouraged. This will help optimize any company’s operation. To do this successfully:

  • Create a work environment where workers are willing to acknowledge the need for training
  • Identify the training needs of those who are less familiar with technology
  • Encourage those who are proficient in technology to assist others when needed

In Conclusion

In the end, we all want to be associated with a successful operation, and working together is essential for that to take place. Organizations will be more successful when all workers are can focus on the broad issues, such as customer service, communication, and organizational effectiveness.

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