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The Truth about Recruiting in a Tight Labor Market

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We’ve all seen the advertisements: “recruit elite talent,” “easy hiring,” and other tantalizing phrases that lead us to believe there is a magic bullet in recruiting employees.  Yet, there is no magic bullet in hiring quality employees – attracting quality talent in a tight job market is hard work. But it can be done.

Branding for Customers and Employees

Organizations of all sizes have always understood the need to continually employ strategies to attract and retain their customers in order to stay in business.  They have focused on delivering products and services that provide value for the money and provide a positive customer experience.  Organizations need to understand, now, that they must work just as hard at attracting and retaining quality talent.  Without talent, there will be no business.

Keeping your talent pipeline full is an ongoing, multi-faceted process.  It should consist of three strategies to:

  • fill your current vacancies,
  • attract talent needed over the course of the next year or so, and
  • acquire the talent needed to meet the organization’s long-term goals.

Critical to the success of your recruitment strategies is careful integration with your company’s overall branding.  You want to build an employment brand that dovetails with your company brand.  Just as it is critical to meet your customers’ expectations about your brand, it is critical the expectations set by the marketing of your employment brand are consistent with the employeesactual experiences working with the company.  If expectations are met, customer and employee experiences with the brand will be similar, thus, customers will be willing to become employees and employees will be loyal customers.

In establishing your employment brand, it is vital to seek continuous feedback from current employees.  Ask them specific questions. What does the company do well as an employer?  What can the company do better?  Engage existing employees in ways to make the organization a better place to work.  It is much easier to continuously re-recruit your existing employees than it is to recruit new ones.

Equipping Your Employees as Recruiters

Nothing is more convincing than an employee who genuinely shares an enthusiasm for the company.  Harness the power of your engaged employees.  Create a formal training program to help employees:

  • Identify what the company looks for in new recruits
  • Explain the career opportunities that exist
  • Spot potential candidates among friends, family, customers, etc.
  • Know to whom they should direct an interested prospect

Recruiting in a tight job market is hard work.  It takes multiple strategies.  However, it is still possible to be successful.  Be the organization that others look at wondering, “How do they do it?”