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Integrity Staffing & Solutions helps you to hire qualified candidates through these programs:


Temporary Staffing

Integrity Staffing & Solutions assists you by sending qualified employees that remain on our payroll to meet your organization’s temporary staffing needs:

  • Special projects and seasonal needs
  • Fill in for absent employees
  • Reduce overtime hours



This option provides both you and the candidate an opportunity to evaluate job “fit” before a formal hire is transacted.  The candidate remains on the Integrity Staffing & Solutions payroll until completing a designated number of hours, or you may choose to pay an early transfer fee to complete the hire.



Integrity Staffing & Solutions offers three affordable levels of recruiting assistance to help you fill your regular positions. You select the level of service that is right for you. At each level, you own the applicant pool. Our outsourced services are known as Recruiting Partner Plus.

Level I

Post positions and forward you qualified resumes.

Level II 

Post positions, conduct phone screens with select candidates, and forward you the most qualified.

Level III

Conduct all pre-hiring steps on your behalf, from job posting to checking references before you hire.


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Our goal is to partner with you to develop staffing solutions that will best meet your needs.  For more information about staffing, contact Janelle Frizzell at (402) 558-2072 or email her at Thank you for visiting our website.