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Applicant FAQ


Do I have to pay a fee for Integrity’s assistance in finding a job?

  • No, fees are paid by the employers.

Can I register with Integrity Staffing & Solutions if I am registered with other agencies?

  •  Yes, this is fine.

How long does an interview/registration appointment typically take?

  • Our interview and registration appointments typically take around 2 hours, depending on the applicant.  This includes the interview, a review of work history, initial paperwork, and assessments.

If I register with Integrity Staffing & Solutions and then see a posting I am interested on CareerLink, do I need to re-apply?

  • No, if we post a position on CareerLink, feel free to contact us to ask questions or to express your interest.  If the resume we have is more than 6 months old, we will request a new version from you.


Regarding Temporary Employment

What will I need to be successful as a temporary employee?

  •  Our most successful temporary employees have positive attitudes, communication skills, flexibility, and initiative.  Basic office skills and experience with computers are also helpful.

How often are working employees paid?

  • Our employees are paid on Fridays for the previous week’s work.  Time cards must be submitted by the weekly deadline.

Does Integrity Staffing & Solutions offer Direct Deposit?

  • Yes, upon accepting your first assignment with us we will have you fill out a Direct Deposit form.  You will need to bring a voided out blank check.