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Integrity Independent


Definition:  Integrity Independent

\in-ˈte-grə-tē\  \in-də-ˈpen-dənt\


1.  A professional, Temporary Employee of Integrity Staffing & Solutions.  A part of the core group, or heart, of the temporary staff.

2.  An individual making a career of temporary administrative assignments.

3.  Dependable, valued, and skilled; often requested by name by ISS clients.


Integrity Independents are individuals who have decided that they are interested in pursuing the flexible work option of temporary assignments.  For many reasons an Integrity Independent may have decided this is the best option for him or her: the opportunity to experience a variety of work environments, the desire to retire but not yet withdraw from the workforce, the opportunity to learn new skills while maintaining current ones, the chance to earn some additional income, schedule flexibility for travel or volunteering, etc.  No matter your reason, as an Integrity Independent you play an important role in the success of Integrity Staffing & Solutions and our clients.


Are you interested in becoming an Integrity Independent?  Call us at (402) 558-2072 or send us an email at  Please include your resume.  We look forward to having you as a part of our team!