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Staffing Services

“We love working with Integrity Staffing & Solutions. We were in a tough situation and needed someone to fill an important position fast. Integrity Staffing & Solutions found a great person for us. We couldn’t ask for better service or a better staffing solution.”

  • Beverly Kracher, Executive Director – Business Ethics Alliance

“They (Integrity) always get back to me in a timely manner, and they meet our needs.  I remember only one time when a person’s skills weren’t quite what we needed. They very quickly swapped another person into the job, and that person did very professional work.”

  • Local University, Anonymous Due to Institution’s Guidelines


 “The biggest piece for us was the screening; also that they (Integrity) posted the job, did the screening, and came to us with 3 or 4 qualified candidates.  This was an administrative position, and in the past we had just advertised in the paper.  That sometimes resulted in qualified candidates and sometimes not, and it was very time-consuming to sort through who was and wasn’t qualified.  Integrity was fantastic in helping us to attract good qualified candidates.”

  • Michelle Thornburg, Partner – Koski Professional Group

“Suzanne fits in great with our team and is wonderful with our customers. I appreciate how you patiently worked with us to help us find that “just right” person. A small office like ours needs a partner like you that we can rely on to help us find good people.”

  • Stacy Beebee, Manager – Pegasus Travel Center

Outsourced Services

Resume Screening, Phone Interviews & Referral to Hiring Managers, Employment Verifications, Professional References, Job Offers

“When we were forming our partnership (with Integrity) we had several meetings with the HR team and they quickly understood our historical processes. We all wanted to make sure they would act in parallel with us and feel that they are an extension of OneWorld rather than a separate entity. They use our forms and tools, and when they notice areas where there might be potential improvements made, they bring them to our attention. They say, ‘We’re thinking about this, what do you think?’ and we have adopted their suggestions as our new practice.  They have been great partners.  They are consistent in a positive way, and that’s a good thing.”

  • Stephanie Gould, Director of Human Resources – OneWorld Community Health Centers

“As you recall, we were in need of interim support for recruitment during the transition of our human resource staff….We have been very pleased with the services Integrity performed for Community Alliance, and in particular, the work of you and Michelle in behalf of Community Alliance.  Thank you for your service during a time we needed the assistance….Again, we are grateful for all you have done for Community Alliance.

  • Aileen Brady, Chief Operating Officer – Community Alliance

HR Consulting

 “Working with the Integrity consultant was easy, and she is always very thorough in letting me know what she needs from me. When we worked on the handbook, it was great having her at our office to go through the handbook with us.  Our employee handbook is so much better than it was before, and it took less time than I expected it to.

I would recommend Integrity for what we have utilized thus far.  It has been a painless experience, and they have knowledge in areas that the smaller company may not have expertise in.”

  • Laura Herbolsheimer, Service Manager – InfiNet Solutions, Inc.